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Clocks with Pendulums

Artist Palette Clock, Paintbrush Pendulum


Adorable, whimsical pendulum clocks...these clever little clocks with swinging, matching pendulums are made in our artist's studio, from our original artwork.

The face of this clock is 5"x 7". The overall size is 5" wide, by approximately 12" long. The pendulums are all hand cut, so lengths will vary, slightly. 

These happy and bright images are prints of our original artwork. They look like a glazed ceramic tile. The base is a "high tech", lightweight, non-wood material, which is almost indestructible. Top quality quartz, pendulum (time only) movements are installed, and we offer a limited warranty. 

INCLUDED: Comes in a cardboard box with battery, instructions and limited warranty.

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ebay-Artist Clock.jpg