Additional Info

We use, really, good electronic clock movements, average life is ten+  years, gaining/loosing 7 seconds a year, if any. These have a large hanger on the back and are easy to hang...just need a nail and a wall. Runs on one "AA" battery, of which we include. We use, and suggest the "Eveready Super Heavy Duty" AA battery.  Average battery life is about one battery a year, though we've had numerous customers who claim they've not changed the battery for over a year! Wow!

Each clock is durable and suitable for hanging in any room. They're great in kitchens, steamy bathrooms, and even lanais, as long as it is covered by a roof, and out of the weather's elements.  Children and adults, of all ages, love these, really cool Art Clocks.

Please, remember...these cute, conversation piece clocks are all handmade in America. These are not commercially manufactured, nor machine made, so...even though each is alike, each is different. The hour and minute hands are individually, hand painted.  We reserve the right to substitute the style of hands, should we be out of the hands shown in the photo. Each pendulum is hand cut, so slight variations will occur. The photo doesn't do it justice! The surface is very glossy.  Different monitors show different shades of the true colors. Also, the © COPYRIGHT NOTICE watermark is not on the actual clock, just in this photo.

INCLUDED: Comes in a cardboard box with battery, instructions and limited warranty.

1- Carefully, remove from box
2- Check to see if all three hands are NOT touching one another. If so, adjust by gently bending
the aluminum hands so that they all move freely from each other. This is a standard adjustment
and does not damage the clock’s movement. Make sure that the hour hand is pushed all the way
down onto the white plastic shaft, and that the second hand doesn’t touch the minute hand.
3- Set the time with the dial on the back of clock. NEVER SET THE TIME BY TURNING OR
need to manually re-align all the hands to the 12 o’clock position, and then set the time by using
the dial on the back.
4- Unlock the pendulum’s arm (the swinging part) from it’s “locked” position
5- Hook the pendulum’s brass rod into the “square hole”
6- Insert “AA” battery
7- Hang on your wall with the back of clock perpendicular to wall, so that the pendulum swings
without rubbing against it’s self. Adjust the angle of your nail into your wall, if necessary.