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Personalized Sports Clocks

Volleyball Clock, Personalized Name & Colors


This is one of our sports themed clocks that you'll customize with a name and the athlete's jersey number. Wow! Fun! You'll, also, choose the color of the clock, as well as the color of the letters & numbers.  Kids love these, and are great for their rooms, newborn gifts, game rooms, locker rooms, bars, etc.

These are custom made, just for you, returns. (unless I make a mistake, then I will correct this at my expense) Production times vary, but usually takes up to a week, then it is shipped to you.

The clock's face is 6"x 6", and the volleyball pendulum (swings back and forth) makes the height approximately 9", overall.  Runs on one AA battery, included.

IMPORTANT! When ordering more than one clock, you MUST order one at a time (Quantity 1), then fill out the prompts for that clock & it will go into the cart.  Then, you can order the next clock and follow the same procedure.

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Sports Volleyball.jpg
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Additional Info

Adorable, whimsical pendulum clocks...these clever little clocks with swinging, matching pendulums are made in our artist's studio, from our original artwork.  These happy and bright images are prints of our original artwork. They look like a glazed ceramic tile. The base is a "high tech", lightweight, non-wood material, which is almost indestructible. Top quality quartz, pendulum (time only) movements are installed, and we offer a limited warranty. 

The pendulums are all hand cut, so lengths will vary, slightly. Hand styles can vary, as supplies are sometimes exhausted, and we must substitute styles.

INCLUDED: Comes in a cardboard box with battery, instructions and limited warranty.